PNCamp Dec 2013 by ProductNation
PNCamp held on 4th and 5th December in Pune
Fantastically curated sessions !
by Hetal Rach Authenticated via Linkedin (co-founder,

Take a bow, PNCamp organizers !

I attended day 1 of the two day event, and it was much more than what I had expected. The efforts that were put into designing the sessions and deciding the speakers was showing. You know that an event is being run by entrepreneurs when you are at one, and where attention to detail is paramount.

The focus on learning was so designed into the process that it was impossible to come out of the event and say, I did not get anything today. Firstly, I loved the plan to divide all attendees into small sized groups - Co-horts, with each co-hort having 15-17 people, a cohort manager and two volunteers. All the sessions were attended together by the same co-hort, and what it meant was that when discussing various things, we could talk about our businesses, and the audience knew what we were talking about, because all the businesses, the ideas were familiar, one session after the other.

Having smaller co-horts meant that some sessions had to be repeated, but it was appreciated. The day was power packed with everything, discussion on vision, mission, values, to shamelessness, to importance of focus on UX.

All in all, from painting a rosy picture, to showing the mirror, PNCamp had it all. Advice to all entrepreneurs - Don't miss the PNCamp 2.

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