PNCamp Dec 2013 by ProductNation
PNCamp held on 4th and 5th December in Pune
Tremendous value but needs segregation
by Mitesh Bohra Authenticated via Linkedin (Co-founder and CEO, Savetime | Co-founder, InfoBeans | Investor/Director, Sapience)

I attended the event on 5th. Mighty impressed with the line of speakers and session leads. Their stories alone are hugely inspirational. Their experience and insights are the topping on the cake.

With that said, to maximize the value received, I would recommend segregation on at least 2 levels:
a) B2B v/s B2C - specific breakout sessions should have each of these as focus areas. This will help make the conversation more relevant to the attendee and will help him/her think in the right context. In the current setting, this mix creates generality in conversation where moderators/leads have no choice but to talk in abstraction to cater to both sets of audiences. This reduces the tremendous impact that these types of sessions can make for an entrepreneur
b) Startup stage - The nature of problems are very different based on the startup stage. Segregation at this level will help keep the challenges and their brainstorming relevant to the audience.

I can understand its a difficult task to achieve to create break out sessions with these permutations but this experimentation would be worth trying.

Other than that, I simply have no words to thank everyone at PNCamp on organizing such type of events. This adds tremendous value to the startup and product ecosystem.

Would love to help in any way I can in the future.


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