PNCamp Dec 2013 by ProductNation
PNCamp held on 4th and 5th December in Pune
Passion Filled & Focussed!
by Annkur P Agarwal Authenticated via Linkedin (Clerk, CEO)

Thank you for #PNCamp. Some of my favourite people from the ecosystem came together, but that's only the ribbon over the entire package. I am still digesting the fact that some of the best product entrepreneurs from India (who should ideally be super busy with their own business) spend two days actively facilitating and helping entrepreneurs build a better business.

Over the years I have realised that instead of attending all 'cool' sessions and drowning into the sea of gyaan, it is better to find a focussed session that adds value to my business. I got that at PNCamp. I choose what to attend and what to skip, a lot of what I took back is being implemented immediately. Be it a sales (read Collections) funda from Dhiraj or a design feedback from Rajiv's session.

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